Press Coverage

Highlights from our press conference announcement

Take a look over the press coverage we’ve received so far…



Publications Language Links
Variety English
Gulf News English
Digital Studio ME English
Trade Arabia English
Broadcast Pro ME English
TTN Worldwide English
British Cinematographer English
Al Khaleej Newspaper Arabic
Al Bayan Newspaper Arabic
Al Bilad Newspaper Arabic
Youm7 Arabic
Arab Youm Arabic
Zawya Arabic
Zawya English
Bahrain SO Arabic
Archyde English
Africa Focus English
Esquire ME English
Kl Arab Arabic
Arabian Business Community English
UAE News 247 English
Mnal Msdr Arabic
Sama Press Arabic
Balad na El Youm Arabic
My Dubai News Arabic
My Dubai News English
Hashtag Dubai Arabic
Hashtag Dubai English
Depiv Arabic
Eat n Stay KSA English
Saleh ME Arabic
Ultra AE Arabic
Egypt Now Arabic
Ahl Masr News Arabic
Wagh Msr Arabic
Press New Arabic
Misr Day Arabic
Sahafahn Arabic
Mn2ol Arabic
Matn News Arabic
Asrar El fan Arabic
Nabd News Arabic
Article Explore English
Teller Report English
Dubai Week English
Ala Massar Arabic
Elzman News Arabic
Akhbarak Net Arabic
Nafeza World Arabic
Al Melnoujoum Arabic
Voice of Belady News Arabic
Akhbary Online Arabic
Urdu Weekly Arabic
Urdu Weekly English
Daffaq News Arabic
Al Khaleej 365 Arabic
Ain Al Emirate English
Ain Al Emirate Arabic
Nbd El Emirate English
Nbd El Emirate Arabic
Pan Time Arabia Arabicالإعلان-عن-تفاصيل-افتتاح-مهرجان-ميتا-ا/?lang=ar
Pan Time Arabia English
The Fashion with Style English
Indian Star English
Al Ghad Arabic
Riyadiya TV Arabic
Dubai Week English
Time Out Dubai English
What’s On English
The National English
Cosmopolitan ME English
Arab News English
Scoop Empire English
Screen Daily English
Vogue ME English
Buro 247 English
Mille World English
GH Movie Freak English
News Beezer English
Eve News Arabic